Dr. Rachel ‘Doc’ Fowler

Head of Maths

Head of Maths

Preferred Instrument – Violin

Rachel “Doc” Fowler joined Kimichi in September 2017, initially teaching mathematics. She now also teaches physics classes, connecting the tangible phenomena of our universe with the numbers and calculations that govern them!

Achieving her MSci in Pure Maths in 2003, and a PhD in Finite Group Theory in 2007… safe to say, there’s a reason we call her “Doc”! Her PhD thesis was titled, “A 3-Local Characterisation of the Thompson Sporadic Simple Group”… If anyone else can explain to us what that means, we’d love to know!

Not only that, Doc is also an accomplished musician, learning violin from age 7 and piano from age 11, and currently plays the violin for Sinfonia of Birmingham, Orchestra of St. John, Sinfonia Dal Capo and, of course, the Kimichi Symphony Orchestra.

Prior to joining Kimichi, Doc took her expertise to the energy industry, working for nPower as a Network Charges Forecast Analyst/Manager and Hedge Process Manager.

Deciding on a change of pace after having her first child, Doc started tutoring and teaching mathematics. A conversation between Doc and our Head, Sally Alexander, started about this during an orchestra rehearsal, and one thing lead to another!

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