We are proud to announce that, in line with our alternative and pupil led ethos, we are offering flexi-schooling to those home educating parents who might wish to take advantage of it. We welcome flexi-pupils for  three days a week: days dependant on preference. Because of our flexibility, we can offer much more of a personalised curriculum, concentrating on the areas that parents might feel unsure about.

Communication between home and school is absolutely essential to ensure not only a good standard of progress but to also be in line with DfE expectations.

Our entire outlook on education has been built on the idea of home-from-home schooling, so we feel confident that both parents and children will enjoy the experience that Kimichi has to offer. We still require at least one instrument to be learned, but, as ever, have no requirements as to ability, and have a wide variety of instruments that children can try out.
Flexi-schooling fees are currently: 3 days £1800 per term; 4 days £2400 per term