About Us

Welcome to Kimichi School!

Kimichi School is a new independent music specialist school, which opened on September 8th 2014.

We offer the same academic quality you would undoubtedly expect from similar institutions but with the added bonus of affordable fees, smaller class sizes and instrumental lessons included. We accept children throughout the school year, if places are available, from the age of 9 up to 18.

“This wonderful and enterprising project represents one of the most courageous I’ve come across in the UK.  Ever.”

Peter Donohue CBE, International Concert Pianist


We love Music. So much so that it is an intrinsic part of everything we do at Kimichi. Everyone learns at least one instrument, and if you’ve never played one before this is the ideal place to learn. Music tuition is a given, and everyone performs regularly with the school ensemble. For those pupils looking to make it a career, we’ve plenty of support available. Local professional musicians are a part of our school community, and we are learning partners with the Birmingham Conservatoire. We can offer extra practise time and assistance with such things as auditions, exams and recitals. If you were in any doubt as to the relevance of Music in Education, just take a look at any one of the numerous articles on the benefits of playing a musical instrument.


Education should not just be about textbooks and exams, and this is something we feel very strongly about. We want them to leave us confident, academically sound and socially adept young people ready to take on the challenges of life after school, wherever that may take them. Our LIFE subject is just that: aimed at addressing LIFE issues such as mortgages, accounting, interest rates, driving, cooking, sewing, flatpack building DIY and other such skills. With mental health in schools being at the forefront of many of todays headlines, we’re lucky to have a mental health professional on staff full time, so mindfulness and mental health are of significant importance in our structure.


In this day and age, it’s important to realise that not only are we a school community, but we are part of a larger global community, and to that end we really like developing links with other secondary schools, both locally and around the world, whilst studying, understanding and living British values and culture. For pupils, we learn through creativity and with a much more hands on approach than most. We love the fact that our pupils are free and able to use their creativity to expand on their current knowledge and further their education: as staff, we really love jumping down the rabbit hole with them! Because our classes are so small (10 maximum), we can really personalise their learning, and therefore make sure that each child accesses their best possible individual education. School trips and outside-the-classroom learning is a big part of our educational ethos. Our school is run by the pupils for the pupils. The school council is an integral part of our day to day school life, and addresses any ideas or issues that may arise, with guidance from staff. The pupils love the responsibility of governing their own school, and on every occasion rise to the challenge.

Meet Our Team

Join Our Team

Sally Alexander MBE


Chris Passey

Deputy Head, SENDCo

Tom Whitehead

Business Studies/Music Technology

Shona Eaton

Drama and PE

Maria Clemson

SEND Support Teacher

Naomi Shiono

Head of Sixth Form Music/Japanese

Dr. Rachel ‘Doc’ Fowler

Head of Maths

Siobhan King

Head of Science

Angela Maloney


Kiera Alexander


Visiting Tutors

  • Keith Slade – Conducting
  • Josh Wunderlich – Songwriting, Music Technology
  • Tom Leader – Guitar
  • Zoe Mattelaer – Voice & Piano
  • Max Astbury – Brass
  • Will Hammond – Woodwind
  • Nick Cowling – Percussion
  • Michelle Alexander – Exam Invigilator

How We Help You

We always get asked how we keep our fees so low. For us, it’s not a case of how but rather why. If it could be free, then it would be.

We save you:

– Two music lessons per week – £1,500 per year with free hire and maintenance

– We do not charge fines for term-time absence saving you the £160 fine per parent, per child, per day which has just been announced in mainstream policy. For a week’s holiday in term time for two children, this is a saving of £1600. For persistent absence not in line with our policies, we are obliged to engage with relevant Local Authorities who may choose to impose such fines.

– Iceland Trip – Total cost of £500 for four days compared to average cost of tour companies of £900

– School Tie and Badge – £15 (no need to buy expensive, branded uniform)

– GCSE revision books at cost price – 50% off

– School opens at 8am and closes at 5pm – this is a saving of £1,750 per year for wrap-around care

– We do not charge for GCSE examinations – many others do!